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The pursuit of an appropriate and individual image is integrated into our overall design process, from the start. If you require a complex design solution, then we are the partner for you. Together with our long-standing cooperation partner 1to1design, you are involved from the start and can be in control from the first sketch onwards.


Cabins are intensively used places of work, so ergonomics therefore plays a major role. We are able to simulate and analyse the widest range of operating conditions, both in a 3D model and in a specially adapted mock-up. We pay particular attention to the visibility, the arrangement of the controls and the perception of information. All of these considerations flow into the design of the cab.


The mockup is a working model for us, which serves the purpose of testing and improving virtual processes in reality. Interior studies, movement processes, reach distances and visibility can therefore be integrated into the design process from an early stage. Using wood, foam, ergonomics patterns and parts made using 3D printing, the arrangement can be tested and optimised. The mock-up is particularly useful for designs which are under time pressure, saving time for all involved, as the testing of processes and design can be experienced and influenced at an early stage, so long as the development is still in its early stages


For us, engineering is a field of competence in its own right and consists of experts with a wide range of abilities, who all follow a common goal in every project: to build good cabs. This is underpinned by a wide treasure trove of experience from long-standing employees as well as computer-aided 3D simulations and CAD constructions. We take on, expand and develop data models which our production can then efficiently build upon, in-house and fast.


If the working model is completed, an initial prototype of the cab will be built. Visually this is no different from the series cab and serves the primarily purpose of checking functionality. Production and its processes are also up for discussion for the first time. At this stage in the project, small changes and variations can still be incorporated.


After completing the cabin each function is either internally or externally tested, with routine checks and documentation.

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